Saturday, September 10, 2011

11 Pieces of Evidence that Run Contrary to the Official 9/11 Story

#11 - Larry Silverstein's "pull it" comment.

#10 - 9/11 did not come up on Bin Laden's list of crimes on the FBI's Most Wanted list because they did not have enough "hard evidence" to indict him.

  #9 - The federal government was planning an invasion of Afghanistan long before 9/11 & a plan was finalized on 9/10.

  #8 - Reorganization of the chain of command made it impossible (summer of 2001) for the planes to be intercepted by the American military & war games simulating events similar to the attacks made it confusing for air traffic controllers to ascertain what was going on.

  #7 - Giuliani was given advance warning by the OEM that the Towers were going to collapse.

  #6 - First Responders heard explosions within the buildings & Kevin McPadden even heard a demolition countdown for Building 7 (videos below).

Kevin McPadden recounting his experience on that day.

Firefighters talking about what they witnessed (filmed on 9/11).

FDNY radio transmission from 9/11 which was released years later after the government lost court battles.

  #5 - The Project for a New American Century called for a "new Pearl Harbor" to rebuild America's military after the Cold War in September 2000.  PNAC included many future Bush administration officials including Elliott Abrams, John Bolton, "Scooter" Libby, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, & Donald Rumsfeld.  See also Operation Northwoods.
  #4 - BBC reports on collapse of Building 7 before it happens.

  #3 - The CIA recruited OBL in the 1980s Afghan/Soviet war & he continued working for the CIA until 9/11

  #2 - The "hero" sits in an elementary school while the attacks take place.  The Secret Service did not react to the news even though this event was announced weeks before & al-Qaeda would have known where he was which placed not only the President in danger (who it is their responsibility to protect), but also the children & staff who worked in the school.

  #1 - Two planes take down three buildings at nearly free fall speed.

You can clearly see the east penthouse (on the left) collapse at least five seconds before the rest of the building.

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