Friday, September 23, 2011

New Evidence Regarding the Christmas Day Crotch Bomber

Kurt Haskell, a lawyer and a witness to the "underwear bombing" on Christmas Day 2009, has come forward with some new information in the case against Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.  According to Haskell, this new evidence is "overwhelming" proof of a false flag set up by the U.S. government.  "Anyone who does their research would come to the same conclusion," he said on the Alex Jones Show Thursday.

According to "official" reports, Mutallab is a member of al-Qaeda who boarded an international flight leaving Amsterdam for Detroit.  Mutallab somehow managed to get on the plane without a passport, hid a tiny explosive in his crotch, and attempted to ignite it while the plane was in the air.  He was arrested upon landing.

Haskell claims he has logged hundreds of hours reading court documents and has been in close contact with Mutallab's standby attorney, Anthony Chambers, who is only assisting and is not representing Mutallab in court.  In July, Chambers received what he has called the "most significant evidence of the case" including a copy of Mutallab's passport, a disc containing chemical analysis of the composition of the bomb, airport security tapes, DNA analysis, and a witness statement from someone Haskell speculates could be the "sharply-dressed man."  Apparently there is more evidence that the prosecution openly admitted they are withholding from Chambers due to national security of course.

So why has the defense not been privy to this evidence earlier (it's been 18 months after all) and where did Mutallab's passport come from?  The presiding judge, Judge Nancy Edmund, has issued a court ruling banning anyone in the media from discussing the details of this evidence.  Haskell suggested this is because the bomb composition report shows that the device could have never brought down a plane.

Another piece of news that has flown under the radar is the fact that it has taken a year for the prosecution to finally charge Mutallab with conspiracy to commit terrorism.  There's a virtual media blackout on this dramatically important aspect of the case.  If Mutallab was not working alone...where are the other suspects?  Why are they not on the FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted List?

The bottom line is que bono?  Immediately after the attack on Christmas Day 2009, the corporate media were drooling over the new naked body scanners about to go in to all the airports throughout the United States and in other parts of the world.  Michael Chertoff and others have made millions in profits on these invasive, cancer-causing devices.  We already had the embarrassing TSA pat downs, but they have gotten worse and are now being implemented at sporting events.  Obama and our Congress critters have been able to continue their fear mongering promising another terrorist attack right around the corner.

If this all seems too crazy then listen to Haskell's account from an older CNN interview and Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy's admission (3:40) that he was told by someone in the intelligence agency not to take action on Mutallab because he was under surveillance.

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