Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why 9/11 Truth is Still Important

Ten years on from the biggest terrorist attack on American soil, the government we have not elected and the media they have paid off are pushing as hard as they can against the 9/11 Truth Movement.  In recent weeks, we have seen hit pieces along with an official curriculum in New Jersey, New York, and even England promoting the official propaganda as absolute truth.

They are accelerating their offense on the "truthers" because 9/11 is a vital battleground for the hearts and minds of We the People.  If the propagandists win, they will have free reign to start more wars and take more liberties away using their well worn excuse of "national security."  However, if the truth is exposed to a larger audience, this government and media will cease to lose the little credibility they still have.  In fact, this is already happening.  DHS shut down comments on their "9/11 Share Your Story" Facebook feed after only 64 comments.  The reason is pretty obvious when skimming through the posts.

The discrepancies in the official story have been covered ad nausea across the Internet.  The details are important only to the point of exposing the lies that have been perpetrated.  The bottom line is no one really knows who "did" 9/11.  Certainly there are plenty of suspects, but there is not enough evidence in the public sphere to indict anyone specifically.

What we do know is that aspects of the official story are implausible and there are too many coincidences to use chance as an excuse.  We know that governments throughout the world (especially here in the US) lie to the People on a daily basis.  We know that there is enough evidence to prove the US government misled its citizens into a war against Spain as well as both World Wars.  We know there was shady business around the Gulf of Tonkin event that led to the death of over 50,000 young American men and millions of Vietnamese.  We know the government has experimented on African-Americans with syphilis and Guatemalans with other STDs.

All of this proves that the federal government has no problem lying to or killing American citizens.  After the violence of the 1960s, Americans largely retreated into a sedentary, mind-numbing life and are now just waking up to the horrors of the prior forty years (including 9/11).  If those out in the blogosphere and beyond allow the propagandists to claim victory, I am afraid we may end up watching history repeat itself once again.

So this weekend I am going to honor those fallen heroes and the innocent victims of ten years ago the only way I know how - by educating myself to the fullest.

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