Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Powerful Brief We Filed in the Hedges Case

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From Naomi Wolf: "I have something super creepy to share. I can't say who this is cause it was not on the record but for the second time when I tackled a member of Congress about the NDAA and asked why did so many sign it, he said 'The bill was 1600 pages long!' Like, you expect me to read that? And he also was sure that it did nothing new BECAUSE THE INFO STREAM OF WHAT IT DID HAD NOT REACHED HIM. The NDAA transcript of Obama's lawyers saying yes we can detain Chris Hedges under the NDAA...had not gotten through to him."

This is why we need to yell and scream!  The Congress critters are voting for bills that they do not even read and We the People who are trying to stand up to tyranny are too few and far between. 

The NDAA is a dictatorial piece of legislation proven by Obama's own lawyers who evaded a simple question from the judge presiding over Chris Hedges' lawsuit about whether or not US citizens could be detained INDEFINITELY under Section 1021.

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