Saturday, May 26, 2012

Help Defend the Internet!

 I just joined something called the Internet Defense League -- and I'm hoping you will, too. I joined because it's important to stand up against the powerful industries that are tyring hard to lock down the net. Remember SOPA and PIPA? The people who wrote them are working on more bills to censor the internet, spy on users, chill innovation and generally wreak havoc with the web.
The Internet Blackout helped kill SOPA/PIPA with nothing more than websites and individuals working together to broadcast messages and actions. The Internet Defense League uses the tactics of the Blackout, but supercharged and ready to take on anything that corrupt congresspeople and big business can throw at us.
The Internet Defense League works like this: organizers and members monitor Congress and industry for threats to internet freedom. When there's a grave threat or unmissable opportunity, people use their websites, Twitter, Facebook or other social network accounts to display action messages about the threat and tools for taking action. When we rise up together, we'll be impossible to ignore.
With SOPA and PIPA, internet users found a new ability to take a stand together when our rights are at stake. Our powerful protest surprised everyone, especially the congresspeople and lobbyists who wrote the bills. We made them see the internet in a new light, but they still don't know what we're really capable of. The next time internet freedom is threatened, we will be able to use the League to come out even stronger than we did last fall.
The Internet Defense League can be the strongest network in the fight for internet freedom - but it will only work if large numbers of people get on board. It would be great to have you standing with us.
There's more about future threats, targets, and The League on the site. I hope you'll join me.

One last thing. The Internet Defense League depends on its members to donate to our efforts. Our tiny staff works behind the scenes to launch campaigns that defend the internet. Will you donate now to keep us fighting for internet freedom? 
Please consider donating by clicking here - it makes a difference.
Thank you!
Learn more about Fight for the Future.

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