Thursday, May 3, 2012

A May Day Alert For the Occupy Movement

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"The day before, I had stopped by Union Square and chatted with NYPD officers. As I was interviewing Sgt Mimkin – having a peaceful chat about whether or not the constitution gives NYC residents the right to go home undisturbed (it doesn't, FYI, but I was happy to be having that debate) – and even though I had identified myself as press, his fellow officer lifted up one of the handheld devices, held it about 10 inches away from my face, and snapped its mechanism. After I spoke with the officers, as I was interviewing Mike Lombardo – across the park – various undercover agents or contractors kept approaching with telephoto lenses, taking pictures of us. It was intimidating to protest, and intimidating to engage in reporting."

We live in a free country...provided that you don't actually try to use your rights!  Or as the Clash put it...

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