Monday, May 14, 2012

What Eduardo Saverin Owes America. (Hint: Nearly Everything)

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This is insulting on so many levels.

#1 - It demonstrates the complete wanton disregard the wealthy have for the rest of us Americans. We, the millions of people who use Facebook on a regular basis, are the source of Saverin's wealth. And yet, as soon as he's about to cash in on the wealth created by us for him (which credit be due - Facebook was a very good idea) he skips town. It's not illegal because of loopholes, but it is certainly unethical.

#2 - This proves that the problem is not the lack of taxes on the rich. The problem is the rich avoid taxes they should be paying. How about we close all the loopholes before we start talking about raising taxes? Let's see how much revenue we generate that way.

#3 - Saverin moved here from Brazil, received a great education in general security, and then takes his money elsewhere. That's the thanks we get from an immigrant to this country? Once again, I'm not stereotyping, but merely stating that it is an unethical practice.

The Facebook creators, as evidenced by Zuckerberg referring to Facebook users as "dumb fucks," have no respect for those of us who have given them everything they could imagine. Am I annoyed by this story? Yes. Surprised? No.

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