Thursday, August 29, 2013

Is World War III About To Start?

Here's what you need to know about the conflict in Syria:
  • The evidence used to justify the United States' ramped up pressure and possible strike as early as this weekend is questionable at best.
  • There's plenty of evidence that some Syrian rebels were in possession of chemical weapons and may have used them to set up Assad as the villain on the world stage (but at the very least intended to use them in this way).
  • So, based on this shoddy evidence, the Obama administration has positioned air force and missile systems in the "ready" position aimed at Syria.
  • In response, many countries including Russia and China, have warned that they will not sit quietly if the United States does this.
  • Iran is preparing to send or has already sent 4,000 Revolutionary Guard troops to back Assad and could likely send more if the United States does anything overtly.
  • Saudi Arabia has promised to incite the Chechens to cause trouble in Russia if Putin and Medvedev do not allow Syria to fall...*
  • ...So Putin has threatened to invade Saudi Arabia if things get hairy in Syria...*
  • ...and Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah promise to attack Israel (the United States' proxy in the region and their source of intelligence) if an American attack occurs...
  • Lebanon has stated that if Israel uses the chaos to inflict damage to Hezbollah, then Beirut will join this mess.
  • Israel is calling up reserves.
What we are seeing develop in the world has been slowly creeping over the last decade.  Afghanistan was Austria.  It seemed reasonable so the world powers allowed the United States to respond to 9/11 with an invasion.  Iraq was Czechoslovakia.  It was a mess, most of the world was against it, but the world powers again allowed the United States to do as it pleased in the hopes that two overt wars would be enough.  Syria (or Iran if this fails) will be the Blitzkrieg on Poland - the final straw.  Russia, China, and Iran have drawn their line in the sand.  We could see the start of World War III as early as this weekend.

I rant because I fear for the good People of the world...and I am genuinely scared what might come in the next week.

* - these seem a bit bombastic and their validity is questionable, but likely in the tension that has built in the past few days.

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