Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Majority Views NSA Phone Tracking as Acceptable Anti-terror Tactic

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This is what's wrong with America.

"Republicans and Democrats have had very different views of the two operations. Today, only about half of Republicans (52%) say it is acceptable for the NSA to obtain court orders to track phone call records of millions of Americans to investigate terrorism. In January 2006, fully 75% of Republicans said it was acceptable for the NSA to investigate suspected terrorists by listening in on phone calls and reading emails without court approval.

Democrats now view the NSA’s phone surveillance as acceptable by 64% to 34%. In January 2006, by a similar margin (61% to 36%), Democrats said it was unacceptable for the NSA to scrutinize phone calls and emails of suspected terrorists."

Privacy is privacy. The Fourth Amendment is the Fourth Amendment. This is not an issue that is determined by the letter after a politician's name!

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